Chris Stiles

Chris Stiles

Hello, my name is Chris Stiles.

Listener of music, maker of games, transcriber of thought, practitioner of humanitarian magics, lover of the living.

I am a Product Designer at NextRadio + TagStation and co-founder of Super Combo Collective, a two-man development team devoted to making quality games for Android devices. As a Product Designer I love working with teams to solve problems, create intuitive user experiences, and ship quality products for mobile and web. At Super Combo Collective I make artwork, design interfaces, and think a lot about game design and mechanics.

I spend the rest of my time with music, film, books, food, family, friends, art, politics, and a variety of games—video, pinball, and board, to be specific. [Note: Prior list does not represent a hierarchy of importance.]

Wiz Kid Jr. Promo

Wiz Kid Jr.

Release date:

May 2011

Wiz Kid Jr. is the first game released by Super Combo Collective and is now available on the Android Market. It's the best damned arcade puzzle game you can purchase for less than a Starbucks latte.

If you'd like to get in touch, send me email or follow me on Twitter.